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Pine pitch canker is a disease caused by infection by the fungus Fusarium circinatum. It mostly affects pine (Pinus) species and Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii). It induces growth reduction, degradation of timber quality and extensive tree deaths.

Pine pitch canker risk workshop 2: Evaluating the risk management plan

18 February 2019 in Cabezón de la Sal (Spain)

Minutes (ES)

Economic assessment report

Pine pitch canker risk workshop 1: Tools for fast disease diagnostic

3 October 2017 in Aveiro (Portugal)

This workshop is part of the series of transnational training workshops organised by the PLURIFOR project. Transnational training workshops aim to exchange know-how about forest risk management between partners and associated partners of the project





Regional reports

Reports describing how the pine pitch canker risk was managed in the concerned regions at the beginning of the project, in 2016:

Summary report

Report summarising the management of the eight risks in the concerned regions at the beginning of the project, in 2016:


  • Spain: Julio Diez (UVa) – jdcasero @ (coordinator) ; Ana Bella Diez Gutiérrez (Gobierno de Cantabria) –  diez_ab @; Pablo Martínez Álvarez (TRAGSA) –  pmarti47 @
  • Portugal: Helena Bragança (INIAV) – helena.braganca @

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