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Soil degradation is mainly caused by non‐sustainable uses of the land. Forests play a key role in protecting soil and water. In planted forests, soil compaction, erosion or decrease in the organic horizon are often observed when soils are degraded. Optimising the forest management may significantly reduce these adverse impacts on soils


Soil degradation risk workshop 3: Disseminating the risk management plan

17 June 2019 in Ondárroa (Spain)

Minutes (ES)

27 May 2019 in Arkaute (Spain)

Minutes (ES)

Soil degradation risk workshop 2: Evaluating the risk management plan

3-4 December 2018 in Óbidos (Portugal)

Minutes (EN)

Economic assessment report

Soil degradation risk workshop 1: Practical guidance for developing plans to manage soil degradation risk in forestry

28 June 2017 in Plasencia (Spain)




Regional reports

Reports describing how the soil degradation risk was managed in the concerned regions at the beginning of the project, in 2016:

Summary report

Report summarising the management of the eight risks in the concerned regions at the beginning of the project, in 2016:


  • Basque country: Ander Arias (NEIKER) – agonzalez @ – coordinator
  • Asturias: Elena Canga (CETEMAS) – ecanga @
  • Galicia: Cristina Fernández (CIF/INGACAL) – cffilgueira @
  • Portugal: Manuel Madeira (ISA) – mavmadeira @

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